Activity & Updates

Beta 0.91 – 2/6/21

We pushed to production our chat feature which was a few weeks in the making. We have a long way to go on this – cleaning up bugs, improving the UI/UX, simplifying everything – but the core action is there and it’s something I’m excited to have implemented.

A few weeks before this we also implemented an Activity Feed which shows universal usage across the site and the ability to filter by page, group, date, person, etc. Helpful to get a high level overview.

We’ve done several more waves of Day 1 Partner onboarding, having recently become “ramen profitable” and seeing growing traction and excitement.

Next steps include improvements to chat, the account / profile section, and becoming more consistent with weekly updates / newsletters, community calls, and more.

Beta 0.9 – 11/21/20

Day 1 Partners – quick update on what we’ve done this past week:

From Bugs to Features:

  • Ability to “save as draft” – check it out! If you save a note or highlight as a draft, it will then show up at the top of your private tab until you’re ready to publish it.
  • Fixing highlighting issues – we’ve cleaned up some of the bugs in terms of how highlights show up, but we know there are still some issues and are actively working on it
  • Full functionality for replies so that you can “reply to a reply” as well as like and share
  • Ability to edit own highlights, notes, tags – We thought carefully about adding this feature since it opens up the possibility for bad actors to cause chaos, but that’s the beautiful thing about having a trusting and all-in community! We can treat our partners like the extremely capable and responsible humans that they are – moving up the curve towards the highest common denominator rather than being forced to structure things to accommodate bad actors and the least common denominator. What a breath of fresh air – trust truly removes all sorts of friction and poor incentives that we now don’t have to concern ourselves with! Thank you 🙂

Next steps:

  • Follow feature – ability to get updates and notifications on select partners and ideas
  • Chat feature – ability to easily communicate with other partners or an entire group
  • Setting up monthly rituals – book of the month, idea of the month, interview with somebody interesting, etc. We are finalizing details on a talk with a close friend who is building something fascinating and will share details once we cement those plans
  • Continuous fixing of UI/UX bugs to keep streamlining the process

Best Of:

  • Tony Pfeiffer, Samir Aksekar and Joel Jensen (among others!) have really helped think through what community means and what we can do to build a seamless web of deserved trust. Some of the discussions we’ll be having in the coming months will help, as will “office hours” or “town halls” to go particularly deep down the rabbit hole on any particular discipline, idea, problem, etc. Leave a note if there’s a particular topic that you’d be interested in setting up a call to dig into!

Open Question:

  • What does the “mastery path” for learning these ideas look like? It’s not rote memorization or simply time spent reading about these things, so what is it? I’ve found this hard to pin down and know it’s important. If anybody has any ideas on how we could track progress and mastery, please leave a note!

Beta 0.8 – 11/14/20

After our first full week of having Day 1 Partners, we’ve gotten some fantastic feedback and have also naturally run into some bugs and hiccups. You all have been amazing at sharing these and we are working hard on solving them, constantly improving the site and value for our partners!

From Bugs to Features:

  • Notifications not linking to proper area – we found the issue and this has now been resolved. Any notification you get within the tool or your email should now be live and take you to the appropriate note/highlight/etc. that the notification is referring to. If not, leave a note and let us know what issues you’re still running into!
  • Ability to post notes to private section – this has now been pushed. When you highlight some text, you will now see a “Private” label in the drop down menu. These notes will only be visible to you and can be seen by going to the Private tab within the tool

Next steps:

  • Ability to edit a highlight or note and to “save as draft” – this will be pushed by early next week
  • Highlighting issues – we’ve cleaned up some of the bugs in terms of how highlights show up, but we know there are still some issues and are actively working on it
  • Full functionality for replies – adding the ability to “reply to a reply” as well as like and share.
  • Follow feature – ability to get updates on select partners
  • Chat feature – ability to easily chat and communicate with other partners, just one partner or an entire group
  • Setting up monthly rituals – book of the month, idea of the month, interview with somebody interesting, etc. What else would be interesting and value-add? Leave us a note!

Best Of:

  • One of my favorite partner contributions from the past week came from David Byrne. Galilean Relativity states that we can never truly understand, define, or grasp a system that we are part of. That is why we can make mistakes at 18 that are so obviously stupid when we look back at 30, but that make perfect sense in the moment. The irony is that we making mistakes today at 30 that our 40 year-old-selves will clearly see are stupid too! He suggested that we should have a section where we can provide advice to our younger selves. Given our partners’ diversity in age, backgrounds, perspectives, expertise, geography, and more, we thought that this was an amazing idea! You can check out this new resource here and we encourage you to add your own section! Imagine how valuable this could become over the years if we all continue to add to this section?!

Open Question:

  • What would you need to see from The Latticework to make it so compelling that you’d spontaneously share it with your most trusted friends?

Beta 0.7 – 11/7/20

In the past 3 months we’ve made a ton of progress! We’ve built out about half of the ideas so that Day 1 Partners get immediate and substantial value right from the beginning, have made huge strides in building out our learning tools, and have brought in a couple dozen Day 1 Partners who are helping kickstart our community and provide invaluable feedback so that we can keep improving and pumping out updates.

We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s support, excitement, and engagement. It is incredibly energizing to build something you’re passionate about and have other people resonate with it!

Beta 0.6 – 8/25/20

Excited and nervous to share The Latticework publicly. We had an amazing reception, with several thousand people signing up in the first couple of days. It’s a big step, but only a step!

Next we will focus on improving the site based on some feedback we get, improving and soon doing a beta of the collaboration tool, and eventually integrating the tool to the entire website.

Once we finish that, we’ll be in good shape to make the website “live” and starting to accept paying partners.

The process to join will be an application, a quick interview, and then onboard a cohort/batch/class of new partners at the beginning of every month. This should help self-select for those who are most excited and be the best contributors. We’ll start slow, build a waitlist, grow organically, and help our community/culture thrive!

Quick update – on 9/18/20, we asked a small group of early adopters to start using the collaboration tool and giving us feedback. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of work left to do but they seem to be enjoying it. We are working through this feedback and iterating, hoping to have an improved version in the coming weeks (early to mid-October). We’ll then do another batch of beta user feedback with different folks – seeing what they think and how we can improve.

Beta 0.5 – 8/4/20

Beta, Team

A lot has happened these past several months and I’m excited to share some key highlights!

  • We’re planning on releasing an “early access beta” in the next several weeks! This will help us “get in the game” and get feedback on a larger scale, build awareness and excitement, build the user base and acquire potential user contact info, and doesn’t anchor people to a particular price or business model (no payment or partnerships to start). People will get access to the worldly wisdom discipline but they will need to sign up for the waitlist, using their name and email address. I will release the idea on twitter and have some people with a large platform to help spread the word. I’ll send another email to this group a couple of days before launch to give a bit of a heads up 🙂
  • Created a collapsible table of contents on the left hand side and a footer for easier site navigation
  • Making great progress on our own commenting tool we have called “Junto.” This goes back to Benjamin Franklin and his “mutual improvement and learning club.” Also, in Spanish, “juntos” means together and we feel that this perfectly captures what this tool will accomplish – a tool to help us more effectively improve and learn together.
  • No daily newsletter – I hear you loud and clear! 😉
  • Continued simplification and streamlining of the website – previous prologue pages have been collapsed down into the introduction to give people a crisper understanding of what the hell this thing is about and condensed the rest of it into the vision page (about the resource, about the community, about the tools…)
  • Wrote out a few more of the ideas for future upload
  • Thank you to those who introduced more people to our beta! The feedback I’ve gotten has been incredible. Inspiring to see how many of you (many of whom I’ve never met face to face!) have taken the time to dig into The Latticework to help improve it. Means more than you all know!

How You Can Help:

  • When the time comes to release The Latticework to the wild, please help me spread the word any way you can 🙂

Beta 0.4 – 5/16/20

Latticework Beta Team,

Hope everyone is doing well! We’ve done quite a lot in the past month and I wanted to share some of the highlights.

Since last time:

  • Further refined the landing page to make the introduction and call to action clearer and simpler.
  • Simplified the table of contents so that there is far less scrolling and noise
  • Reduced the number of introductory pages down to 3 – the mission, the how, and our community. There was too much build up and redundancy before, so we’ve streamlined it
  • There are currently 3 partnerships:
    • Free – access to introduction and worldly wisdom
      • There is also an option for people who can’t afford to join. They will still apply (see below), but will be granted a 6-month partnership for free
    • $10/month – access to the entirety of the resource and future exclusive content (podcast, app, etc…)
    • $30/month – access to the resource and community (which includes the embedded learning tools and exclusive content)
      • This option is application-based (at least to start out with). This will filter for those who are most excited about joining, will allow the proper culture to be set from the get go, and will create sustainable/organic growth that doesn’t dilute the quality of the content/engagement/culture
      • High school and college students will receive a discount. They have potentially the most to gain from joining and could become our most engaged and long-term partners
  • We’re building out an embedded learning tool that is similar to Hypothesis but has the exact features we want and doesn’t require a separate sign on and account. It’ll still be some time before this tool is functional, but we’re excited about the potential it has to empower an engaged community who can learn from/with each other

Next steps

  • Keep building out the embedded annotation/highlighting/commenting/social tool. If you have a name for this tool you’d like to suggest, please reach out!
  • Keeping people engaged and these ideas top of mind is vital, and one of the prime ways I think of doing so is through a daily newsletter. I’m thinking it will be an easy to digest blurb (quote, story, example, diagram, etc.) that helps drive home one of the ideas – seth godin and don Miguel ruiz’s daily newsletters are my current inspiration. This would be free and available to anyone, but the links and ideas it points back to would likely only be available to partners. What would you be excited to see in something like this? What would add value and would you actually be excited to see in your inbox?
  • Improving the navigation of the site by adding a drop down menu and a footer (reducing the number of steps to get to the page you want to go)
  • Keep writing the disciplines/ideas that have yet to be published
  • Further expand the circle of beta users, looking soon to bring on “advisors”         
  • Thinking of what other branches of optionality would be exciting and value-additive (podcasts, for example)

How You Can Help:

  • Intro to 2-3 people you think would love to engage and be part of The Latticework
  • Feedback on what a daily newsletter would look like and what value it should provide
  • Please push back! If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense or that you disagree with, the best thing you could possibly do is call me out on it!

The more time I spend working and thinking about this, the more excited I get and I hope you feel some of the same

Thanks for your time and for being part of this journey!


Beta 0.3 – 3/5/20

Set up our newsletter, embedded commenting/annotation app, created our public roadmap and suggestion forum, looping in of Latticework beta users

Beta 0.2 – 1/3/20

Creation of The Latticework network visualization, continued build-out of our vision, website, and tools.

Beta 0.1 – 12/15/19

Initial Soft Launch on December 15, 2019! A huge thank you to those helped give some critical feedback which led to Beta 0.2