Chris Begg Full Testimonial - The Latticework

Chris Begg Full Testimonial

I had to compress Chris’ beautiful testimonial due to length constraints, but here it is in its glorious entirety:

The Latticework takes a giant leap toward a four-dimensional life-long learning approach.  Most learning is approached one dimensionally, focusing on depth – a specialty – or breadth – the focus on knowing a little about a lot of things.  Rarely you will encounter polymaths that choose a deliberate path to master both depth and breadth.  A third dimension emerges when you can capture an understanding of height – to see things in the aspect of eternity.  The perspective to be able to zoom out and see a system or landscape in its entirety and then zoom in to see the fractal dimension in units.  The third dimension captures the utility of seeing the general in the particular and the particular in the general invariant laws of Nature.  A fourth-dimension is arrived at when one can view the interconnection of Nature and intuit patterns through a web – a latticework of mental models.  This is the internal network.  The external network is augmenting learning through an open-source community sharing for the greater good.  Each of the four dimensions layers in the capacity for step changes of orders of magnitude along the learning path.  I am inspired by what Latticework has done and I have high hopes for its continued success.