Play - The Latticework


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For parents 

  • The idea in Plain English: Albert Einstein said it best. “Play is the highest form of research.” What he meant by this is that through play, especially unstructured play (play with no agenda or learning goal), children (and adults!) can explore their creative sides without inhibition, learning faster as a result.
  • The goal or takeaway of learning this idea: The goal here is to recognize that it is crucial for your child to step away from structure and to get into some fun, free play. It’s important for humans to have this time where there is no “to do.” So many of our kids are overworked and over scheduled, and when they are home, they’re often on the screen. Another way of looking at why unstructured play is important is to think about the idea of a finite vs. infinite game. Finite games are always played to win — there is always a finish line and end goal. Infinite games are played for the sake of playing. Structuring your life around infinite games is a beneficial lesson to bring into your child’s life early on. The lesson here is to find things that you love, regardless of the outcome. Another large goal and benefit of play is for individuals to learn to collaborate and negotiate with others. The point is not always to win, but to be invited back to play again. We hope you and your kid learn to recognize the benefits and fun of having no agenda, and just exploring the world! 

See, Think, Wonder

The “see, think, wonder protocol” is meant to help kids see and think about a new topic in a thoughtful way. After showing the photo or video below for the first time, ask:

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