Hidden Gem: Sherlock Holmes (1 of ???) - The Latticework

Hidden Gem: Sherlock Holmes (1 of ???)

Damn! You’re a thorough reader – you found a link embedded on a period within a description of a diagram! Because of your diligence and detective-like eye for detail, if you send me a DM on Twitter @LTCWRK, I’ll send you a sneak preview of a future idea (make sure to mention “Sherlock Holmes Hidden Gem”). If you don’t have Twitter, send me an email with “Sherlock Holmes Hidden Gem” in the body of the message.

Hidden gems like this one are embedded all over The Latticework, so keep your eyes open! They are meant to gamify our journey towards deeper wisdom and understanding. This process isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously or only be for “scholars,” it should be fun as hell and valuable regardless of your level of expertise or background! Only then can it possibly be sustainable and become part of your nature, concretely improving your day-to-day life.