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Learning Tool Feedback

The below is meant to help us get feedback on the current version of our tool as well as show you a preliminary roadmap of future features that we are working on and want to address.

Please use the tool to leave notes, highlights, likes, whatever you want to give us feedback and show us which features are most important to you and which we are missing / can be improved. Win/win is at the heart of everything we do, and we want to make sure that our partners are winning!

If you’d prefer, you can provide feedback privately by using the form at the bottom or anonymously by filling this survey.

Current Version – Bugs and Feedback

Please be radically honest! We truly want to understand what issues you are having and how we can improve The Latticework, our community, and our learning tools. Please leave a note in this section or, if you’d rather share your feedback privately, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Future Features

A personalized latticework to show each partner their strengths and potential blind spots

Chat feature between partners and groups of partners – both video and direct messaging

Ability to attach documents, pictures, tweets, photos, voice recordings, and more as notes

A personalized feed, curated by your interests, notes, tags, people you follow, etc.

Polls and voting features

Partner activity settings (online, idle, do not disturb, in deep work mode, etc.)

Badges to gamify and show progress and milestones reached

Thoughtfulness or quality rating system (incentivize not only quality, but engagement as well)

Import friends / connections from other sites to spur interest, connections, dialogue

Browser extension so that you can highlight, capture notes, interconnect ideas from anywhere on the web and add to your personalized latticework

Whiteboard / drawing board

Personalize your highlight, pen, marker, fonts, etc.

Mobile app

Printable and eReader version

What else?? Leave us a note to help us better understand how The Latticework can serve you even better.

Fill out the form below to share your feedback privately. Your engagement and advice will make The Latticework more valuable for every partner.