Lifelong Learner - Scholarship - The Latticework

Lifelong Learner – Scholarship

We never want money to be the reason why someone can’t join The Latticework. So, if you truly can’t afford to become a partner, this scholarship is for you.

We have reserved a select number of scholarships and the application below is the prime factor in determining who we accept. This is a 1-year scholarship that must be renewed yearly, and there is no limit to how many times an applicant can apply and join. We are approaching it this way to ensure that our scholarship partners are all-in, contributing, and still excited to be part of this journey. Scholarship partners receive the full experience, nothing is diluted or off-limits.

After you complete the application and are off the waitlist, we will follow up with an interview. We want to be conscious and thoughtful of our culture and community from day 1, so we are only allowing a limited number of new partners to join at the beginning of every month. This helps us be able to truly invest in the onboarding process, self-select for those who will get the most out of The Latticework, and foster the culture and community we desire. We can’t wait to learn from and with you!1The high standards set for our partners still apply and we will revoke access to anyone who doesn’t abide by our Core Values.