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Lifelong Learner – Student

We truly believe that young adults, like students, have the most to gain from The Latticework.

By harnessing this multidisciplinary mode of thinking, we hope to enable compound learning to pay its dividends for decades longer than it otherwise would have! It will likely be a relatively small and select group of students who have the curiosity and foresight to understand the importance of this journey and we want to do everything we can to incentivize this group to join and engage with The Latticework. Student partners receive the full experience, nothing is diluted or off-limits.

So, if you are a student and have a valid student email and student ID – whether high school, college, masters/PhD, or whatever is your country’s equivalent – we are offering you a significant discount.1If your country doesn’t typically issue student emails or IDs, please contact us and I’m sure we can figure something out. This discount is good for 1-year, after which it will revert to the normal Lifelong Learner partnership price. However, if you are still a student after this 1-year period, you can easily re-apply to extend your discounted student partnership.2There is a question in the application asking if you are re-applying. If you are, simply answer this and that’s it! Also, you will get an email notification well in advance of when the subscription will revert, and you can easily cancel at any time. If you ever feel you have been inappropriately charged, we will happily refund you. The idea is never to “pull a fast one,” but to continuously include only our most excited and engaged partners. We are approaching it this way to make sure that the limited number of student partnerships we have set aside are actually being used by current students who are excited to be part of this community.

After you complete the application and are off the waitlist, we will follow up with an interview. We want to be thoughtful and deliberate about our culture and community from day 1, so we are only allowing a limited number of new partners to join at the beginning of every month. This helps us be able to truly invest in the onboarding process, self-select for those who will get the most out of The Latticework, and foster the culture and community we desire. Annual partnerships and those who are referred by current partners will get priority access and jump ahead in the waitlist.3The high standards set for our partners still apply and we will revoke access to anyone who doesn’t abide by our Core Values.


By applying for our annual Lifelong Learner partnership, we’re skipping you to the front of our large and growing waitlist.

You’ll become a more effective multidisciplinary thinker and decision-maker than ever before!

Let’s get started on this application…

Thank you for your interest in joining The Latticework!

Due to our large and growing waitlist, we are prioritizing annual partnerships over monthly partnerships

If you can’t wait to join, we encourage you to apply for our annual partnership (most people choose this option since you get 2 months for free and skip the waitlist). However, if you still want to start with monthly, then full steam ahead!

You’ll become a more effective multidisciplinary thinker and decision-maker than ever before!