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Lifelong Learner

Lifelong Learners Get
  1. Access to The Latticework1It is difficult and time consuming to read hundreds of books in dozens of disciplines, understanding them all so deeply so that you can interconnect the key ideas and apply them in your day-to-day life. If you agree that this seems difficult, and you want to save time, reduce mistakes, and enrich your thinking, decision-making, and life, The Latticework is for you. We are still actively working on and uploading these big ideas and big disciplines, but everything from Worldly Wisdom through Technology & Computer Science (our “first bucket“) will be available from day 1.
  2. Access to our all-in community2Unlike most books, blogs, and social networks that are engineered to capture your attention, The Latticework is built from the ground up to focus on timeless and universal principles that are enriched through the engagement of our all-in community. Where else can you find and connect with high-quality people that are all-in on lifelong multidisciplinary learning? This community will help keep us accountable, push us to learn more than we otherwise could, and help us move from theory to practice.
  3. Embedded learning tools, future features, and exclusive content3Our goal is to always keep “plussing” our partner’s experience and the value they derive from being part of The Latticework – going above and beyond what is expected. Our highlighting and note-taking tool is central to our community and our vision of creating a resource that is continuously iterating and improving. Some ideas for future features and exclusive content include: experts discussing their field in a small community forum, creating and sharing valuable 1-page summaries and other reference guides, community calls to go down the rabbit hole on any idea or subject and show how they actually apply in practice, spaced repetition quizzes to solidify these ideas, mentor/mentee programs and other ways to make yourself accountable to others, and so much more. The potential is simply humongous.
To Apply

We are doing everything we can to optimize and incentivize for an engaged and all-in community. To that end, we are approaching the application process in the following way:

  1. Those interested in joining must apply (see application buttons below)
  2. Once off the waitlist, applicants will then be asked to do a quick call with Blas
  3. Our waitlist has thousands of people on it, but we are only allowing a select number of new partners to join every month. If selected, you and your “class” will be onboarded at the beginning of the next month.4This enables us to truly invest in the onboarding process, allowing us to share our culture and show new partners how they can get the most out of The Latticework.

Annual partnerships and those who are referred by current partners will get priority access and jump ahead on the waitlist.


By applying for our annual Lifelong Learner partnership, we’re skipping you to the front of our large and growing waitlist.

You’ll become a more effective multidisciplinary thinker and decision-maker than ever before!

Let’s get started on this application…

Thank you for your interest in joining The Latticework!

Due to our large and growing waitlist, we are prioritizing annual partnerships over monthly partnerships

If you can’t wait to join, we encourage you to apply for our annual partnership (most people choose this option since you get 2 months for free and skip the waitlist). However, if you still want to start with monthly, then full steam ahead!

You’ll become a more effective multidisciplinary thinker and decision-maker than ever before!

If you’re a student, require a scholarship, or are interested in group discounts, we have options for you too!