Patrons - The Latticework


From Ancient Greece to Renaissance Italy, patrons have made creative and artistic pursuits like this one possible.

In today’s world, the art of learning how to learn is perhaps the most valuable skill someone can possess and we are seeking to enhance and scale this on a global level. Imagine being able to empower and enable a new model of education, a model based on “educing” rather than Industrial Age “inducing.”

Educe – a marvelous word seldom used or practiced, meaning, “to bring or draw forth something already present in a latent, or undeveloped form.” It can be contrasted with induce, too often used and practiced, meaning, “to prevail upon; move by persuasion or influence – to impel, incite, or urge.”
– Dee Hock, One From Many

We have the opportunity, the potential to influence how millions of people learn, think, and interact with the world. With your help, we can execute on our vision, helping improve our partner’s marginal thinking and decision-making – and the implications of this are simply enormous, perhaps infinite. A few better decisions by each of us ripples through our lives and the world, saving each of us time, stress, and money since we’re avoiding life-sucking mistakes, and allows for greater peace of mind and time to focus on what matters to each of us. These are the true benefits of The Latticework, the true benefits of becoming an effective multidisciplinary thinker. This may sound arrogant, but we truly believe there may be no higher leverage activity than what The Latticework is aiming to accomplish.

If The Latticework’s vision resonates with you and you want to be a foundational part of this journey, consider making a one-time contribution of $10k. 100% of this money will go directly towards building out The Latticework.1If you should happen to want to donate more, 1) you’re amazing and 2) let’s connect first to see what this might look like and how to proceed.

This one-time contribution will make you a “Medici” patron and give you life-time access to The Latticework, open communication with Blas and the rest of the team, eternal gratitude from our entire community, and much more. While we will provide exceptional value and benefits to our Patrons over the years, right now this is more about backing something you believe in and want to see exist than any immediate payoff.

We fully understand how big of an ask this and don’t make it lightly. So, if you have any questions or want to learn more, please select a time below to connect with Blas.