Blas has changed the learning ‘game’ with The Latticework. No matter my level of expertise within a given topic, I feel comfortable utilizing The Latticework to dig deep and unlock a new sense of interconnectedness. His numerous years of hard work provides me a lifetime of value through the resource and all-in community, allowing me to build my own latticework to apply across different facets of my life.

Luke Dennen

I’ve heard Blas go on (and on…) about the importance of being a “multidisciplinary thinker,” but never truly understood (nor cared) about the benefits. However, once I finally saw how all the ideas tied together, I got it! I now understand why Blas is so excited about The Latticework and its potential value.

Blas' Wife 🙂

Most learning is approached one-dimensionally, focusing on either depth or breadth.  However, deliberately mastering both of these dimensions provides the perspective to be able to zoom out and see a system in its entirety and then zoom in to see the fractal dimension in units.  I am inspired by what The Latticework has done and I have high hopes for its continued success in helping people achieve both depth and breadth in their learning.

Chris Begg

I’m generally skeptical of most learning resources since they tend to be too theoretical, but The Latticework is different. It is pure signal in a world full of noise. If these ideas are taken seriously, there is no doubt in my mind that they will help improve people’s thinking and decision-making.

Brent Beshore

The Latticework is one of the more exciting projects I’ve seen lately. It’s what Poor Charlie’s Almanack would be if it were designed and built for the Digital Age. I’m excited to send lots of people to The Latticework to learn about the most important, evergreen ideas. If you’ve found value in the Invest Like The Best podcast, I’m confident you’ll love The Latticework.

Patrick O’Shaughnessy