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The Latticework’s 7-Party Win/Win Framework

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Here’s a thought experiment my mentor shared with me long ago that has had a profound impact on me.

Imagine you’re sitting around a poker table with 7 other players but, what makes this a thought experiment, is that you’re able to see through the eyes of each player, knowing their hand.

So, with this superpower, how many mistakes would you make? Since you have no blindspots, theoretically you shouldn’t make any!

Now, stretching this metaphor to a business context, how can we “see through the eyes” of each counterparty, thereby eliminating all mistakes? Win/Win! This emerges from integrity, escaping Galilean Relativity, empathy, compassion, systems thinking, long-term gratification, reciprocity, and more. This simple strategy pays dividends that aren’t easily quantifiable, but they are meaningful and they are massive.

In that vein, one of The Latticework’s foundational values is win/win. We aim to foster every relationship with our counterparties in this manner and believe this is at the heart of an enduring enterprise that can consistently and reliably add value to our ecosystem. If this resonates with you, consider joining us on this lifelong learning journey by filling out this quick application.