The Latticework

The Latticework:
The Big Ideas From The Big Disciplines

Our Vision

1. Create a valuable multidisciplinary learning resource

2. Leverage this resource to build an all-in community

3. Leverage this community and its feedback to build better learning tools, enhancing how we read, learn, and collaborate


What People Are Saying…

A resource like this was a screaming opportunity for somebody to take on, and I’m glad Blas was up to the task. It has the potential to influence how millions of people think and view the world. There may be no higher leverage activity than what The Latticework is aiming to accomplish.


The Latticework is one of the more exciting and ambitious projects I’ve seen in some time! It’s what Poor Charlie’s Almanack would be if it were designed and built for the Digital Age. I’m excited to be a partner and see how it evolves.


I have spent my life studying, synthesizing, and applying a multidisciplinary mindset. Blas has done an enviable job in curating, interconnecting, and explaining these vital ideas in a fun and approachable manner. If truly adopted and applied, these ideas can’t help but improve your life.


I’ve read several times of the importance of being a “multidisciplinary thinker,” but never really understood what that meant or how to approach it. The Latticework solved that for me. I am now, undoubtedly, a better thinker and decision-maker.


Our Ask

Dive into the rabbit hole, starting with our Introduction.

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