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The Latticework

The Latticework

The Latticework is a multidisciplinary learning platform that enriches our partners’ lives through quality content, an all-in community, and integrated learning tools.

What Partners Can Expect

Quality Content

Timeless & Actionable Wisdom – A key focus of ours is making these foundational ideas applicable and approachable, reducing mistakes, saving time, and enriching how you learn, think, and make decisions.

Proprietary Learning Roadmap – In a world of infinite information, curation and synthesis is key. Our thoughtful process of selecting, organizing, explaining, and interconnecting these foundational ideas creates a unique learning roadmap of 160+ mental models that will help guide you in your learning journey.1We were inspired by this beautiful Nature video and, while we are still working on cleaning up and perfecting a more dynamic, fluid network diagram, you can check out our beta version here. Zoom in and out with your keypad and click and drag to change the angle. Everything is hyperlinked, so if you click on an idea or discipline, it will take you to the corresponding page! 👇🏽

Worldly Wisdom ToC-The latticework – No Intro/Foreword

All-In Community

Curated Community – To create the highest quality learning community possible, we vet each applicant before they join and are looking for low-ego, curious, and thoughtful partners. We now have a curated community with hundreds of people from all over the world who are hungry to learn, build, and connect.

Thoughtful Dialogue – We aim to facilitate thoughtful dialogue between our curated community to help enrich our partners’ lives. We do so through 1:1 introductions, calls with experts, in-person and online events, newsletters, and more!

Integrated Learning Tools

Accelerate Your Learning & Retention – Our integrated learning tools allow you to take highlights, share notes, and reply to others’ ideas. This facilitates an active learning process that brings the ideas to life and accelerates your learning and retention.

Join Us

Content and Relationships Worth Investing In

We take building The Latticework community seriously and strive to deliver as much value as we can to our partners. To do so, we’ve put the following process in place:

  1. Complete the application below – Scaling trust is no easy feat and this process has shown to help create an engaged and all-in community.
  2. We review – We review every application carefully to make sure joining is a win/win.
  3. Welcome! – If joining is a win/win, we’ll send you instructions on next steps. If for some reason we don’t think we’re a fit, we’ll let you know why and issue a full refund.

Becoming a partner costs $250 per year and unlocks access to our quality content, all-in community, and integrated learning tools.

Join hundreds of other lifelong learners in what has been called “one of the highest quality communities on the web” by completing the application below! 👇🏽


What People Are Saying…

A wonderfully curious group of high achievers who are pleasingly low ego.

John Candeto

The Latticework is the best ‘black hole for nerds’ I’ve ever come across. I’ve developed several meaningful friendships and business partnerships thanks to this community.

John Garry

The Latticework community is a unique environment – it’s a global, long-term, high-signal, high-trust, low ego, passionate group. This is a combination I didn’t expect to find in one room in the real world, let alone online! My personal objective was to be more efficient learning and building companies alongside other thoughtful folks (with deep experience) rather than alone – within 2 weeks I was delighted with the decision to join for the journey. I have already solved problems with folks leading their fields across finance, tech, education and investing. Everyone is always open to helping me with high priority problems (from 1000’s of miles away) which is unique in today’s world! I have benefited from observing the members walking the walk and am excited to see we can co-create materials for the ‘greater intergenerational good’ in the coming decades! Thanks Blas for starting the domino effect!

Paul Higgins

The Latticework is the most exciting learning community I have come across in years. I know of few better places to meet and learn with great people who are thoughtful, creative participants in the infinite game of life! Since becoming a member, I have made several friendships that have deeply enriched both my professional and personal life.

Will Oliver

I feel enormously grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community rich with people who are genuinely curious and compassionate. Getting to learn about so many different disciplines alongside individuals from all over the world constantly gives rise to new insights, inspiration, and ideas. This community challenges me to think more clearly and act more deliberately. Every day of my life is more meaningful and joyful because of the connections and relationships I’ve built within The Latticework.

Jeannie Chamberlain

Blas has changed the learning ‘game’ with The Latticework. No matter my level of expertise within a given topic, I feel comfortable utilizing The Latticework to dig deep and unlock a new sense of interconnectedness. His numerous years of hard work provides me a lifetime of value through the resource and all-in community, allowing me to build my own latticework to apply across different facets of my life.

Luke Dennen

You may join The Latticework for the content, but you’ll stay for the community. Both content and community are wonderful, expertly curated in the kind and capable hands of Blas. Highly recommended – a compounding treasure trove of learning and relationships.

Laurence Endersen

Most learning is approached one-dimensionally, focusing on either depth or breadth.  However, deliberately mastering both of these dimensions provides the perspective to be able to zoom out and see a system in its entirety and then zoom in to see the fractal dimension in units.  I am inspired by what The Latticework has done and I have high hopes for its continued success in helping people achieve both depth and breadth in their learning.

Chris Begg

I’m generally skeptical of most learning resources since they tend to be too theoretical, but The Latticework is different. It is pure signal in a world full of noise. If these ideas are taken seriously, there is no doubt in my mind that they will help improve people’s thinking and decision-making.

Brent Beshore

The Latticework is one of the more exciting projects I’ve seen lately. It’s what Poor Charlie’s Almanack would be if it were designed and built for the Digital Age. I’m excited to send lots of people to The Latticework to learn about the most important, evergreen ideas. If you’ve found value in the Invest Like The Best podcast, I’m confident you’ll love The Latticework.

Patrick O’Shaughnessy

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