Network Diagram | The Latticework

Network Diagram

By going through this process of curating and synthesizing all these ideas, it became abundantly clear that having a “learning roadmap” to refer to would be incredibly useful. By no means is it complete, but we hope that visualizing where you are in your learning journey and where you’re going proves helpful.1See our Three Bucket framework for some more context as to why we’ve structured our network diagram this way

The diagram below comprises all the ideas within The Latticework, grouped by discipline (such as Worldly Wisdom) and ideas (such as The Latticework). Although you can jump around in any order you desire, if you want to follow the roadmap we’ve designed, start at the top and move clockwise. For example, “The Latticework” would be your first destination within the Worldly Wisdom discipline.

We are still working on cleaning up and perfecting a more dynamic, fluid network diagram, but you can check out the beta version here. Zoom in and out with your keypad and click and drag to change the angle. Everything is hyperlinked, so if you click on an idea or discipline, it will take you to the corresponding page!

Worldly Wisdom ToC-The latticework – No Intro/Foreword