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In short, for our content, community, and exclusive features and tools.1Check out our Vision page for a more in depth look into each of these. By curating, organizing, and interconnecting the big ideas from the big disciplines, we save our partners tremendous time, effort, and energy. The community brings together a close-knit group that help each other with accountability and engagement through the notes, highlights, community calls, and other forms of active learning and collaboration. And, last but not least, our exclusive features and tools tie it all together.

If you want a bit more depth…

Most books, blogs, and social networks are engineered to capture your attention, not to help you learn and grow. The Latticework is different. The Latticework is built from the ground up to focus on timeless and universal principles that are enriched through the engagement of our all-in community. No ads, long-form over short-form, timeless rather than timely – a place where valuable ideas are shared and discussed daily by a high-quality community. 

Importantly, thinking, writing, and learning is a dynamic, iterative, and never-ending evolution. While traditional books are incredible, we feel that their static nature doesn’t easily capture this process.2I love physical books and my home is overflowing with them. In many ways, they are superior to anything digital since they are tactile, helping to improve associations and recall. However, I think there is a place for a digital resource like this one, and this experiment will help us find out. I also hope to produce a high-quality physical version at some point, if the demand is there. For a deeper dive into the shortcomings of books, Andy Matuschak has a wonderful post – Why Books Don’t Work So, to remedy this shortcoming, we decided to host The Latticework online and adopt the “Software-as-a-Service” subscription business model, coming up with our “Book-as-a-Service” framework.3We have adopted “BaaS” from Salesforce and other SaaS companies. This business model has become widely adopted since it serves customers well. It does away with the customer’s need for large, upfront capital investments, allows customers to cancel at any time, allows for fast deployment, lowers initial acquisition costs, and increases scalability and reliability. We thought the same concept could be applied to books because many of these same benefits would accrue to the book’s partners. (PS – “Book-Like-a-Service” was also considered, which I thought was quite clever (BLAS), but my wife and friends would (rightfully) never let me live that down. It was a fun thought while it lasted 🙂 Due to the inherent nature of the internet and a subscription service, this transforms what is typically a one-time, zero-sum, single-player transaction with short time-horizons into an iterative, positive-sum, multi-player game with long time-horizons.

We believe the BaaS model is also superior because of the “win/win” foundation a subscription service is necessarily built upon.4A subscription has to be win/win if it is to survive because partners risk little on the front-end and are able to walk away at any time (as it should be!) Win/win is the only sustainable approach to life and we are deeply committed to creating an ecosystem in which everyone involved can thrive, including partners, employees, distributors, communities we operate in, the environment, owners, and any other stakeholders.

We are driven to build something beautiful, valuable, and sustainable that empowers this community. However, we absolutely can’t do this on our own. This is a lifelong mission of ours and due to the magnitude of this undertaking, we need your support, contribution, and engagement. We’re aiming to make this enterprise at least self-funding and, at best, profitable and sustainable so that we can aggressively reinvest into The Latticework and continuously improve it. To make this possible, we need to make this a “Hell yeah!” decision for you, or it should be a “no.” This is a high bar we’ve set for ourselves, but our goal is to provide so much value that not joining would be irresponsible!

Since we’re still in beta, we’re not rolling out our subscription service yet and will only be releasing our first discipline – Worldly Wisdom.5Check out the hamburger menu in the top left of the main navigation bar and the footer below to get an idea for the Big Ideas and Big Disciplines that we currently have incorporated. But, remember, this is only a start! The beauty of hosting this online is that it can iterate and improve the resource immediately rather than needing years like a traditional book! We consider this to be one of the most valuable disciplines we cover since it serves as the bedrock on which we will build our mental latticework. All you need to do is sign up for our waitlist and newsletter in order to gain access. We believe in starting small and moving fast, and this beta release will help us quickly get feedback and iterate, better understand if The Latticework is solving a problem that actually needs to be solved, and zero in on key next steps. Getting this out into the world and brainstorming with you all is the core reason we’re choosing to release the beta now, so we’d love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback!

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