Hidden Gem: Twitter Banner (4 of ???) - The Latticework

Hidden Gem: Twitter Banner (4 of ???)

Well done on finding this hidden gem! This treasure unlocks “The Latticework Twitter Banner.” Simply click the link below and take a screenshot on your phone. You can then upload it as your Twitter banner. Only those who have found this hidden gem will have access to this file, so upload it today to show fellow thorough readers that you’re in the know and look for others who have found it as well.

Have you found the first 3 hidden gems? If not, give our introductory sections a closer look 🙂

Hidden gems like this one are embedded all over The Latticework, so keep your eyes open! They are meant to gamify our journey towards deeper wisdom and understanding. This process isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously or only be for “scholars,” it should be fun as hell and valuable regardless of your level of expertise or background! Only then can it possibly be sustainable and become part of your nature, concretely improving your day-to-day life.