Courses - The Latticework


The Latticework courses are top-down and bottom-up “courses” that will add tremendous value to our community over time.

By “top-down,” we mean courses that are coordinated by the formal Latticework team whereas “bottom-up” courses arise organically out of the interest of the community. We can cover ideas that are currently covered in The Latticework (a deep dive into Galilean Relativity, for example) or any project or idea that is of interest relating to your personal or professional life.

Please leave us a note or suggestion for the types of courses you’d like to see. Literally any idea is valid – if you’re interested in it, there is a very high likelihood that somebody else in our community is an expert and/or would also love to learn about it.

We’ll keep a running list below and continue to add past and upcoming courses.

  • Joel Jensen to discuss no-code tools like Zapier and Google Scripts